The Brill Building Project

I think the incongruity of a working art studio in the heart of Times Square just stops people. Unexpected. The process of going from sketches and photos to canvas, seeing an artist lost in thought, many people find interesting. You often hear "Ah ha. So that's how they do it." Stiff competition that. They can either watch or cross over to M&M World. Or a hundred other attractions.    The noise of Times Square, the movement, color and energy has a dramatic effect on the new paintings. — The Brill Building, 49th and Broadway.

Chrysler Building, Day and Night, by Tom Christopher

Tom Christopher, Chrysler Building Night and Day (diptych) 2013 40" x 60"

Autumn Light by Tom Christopher

Tom Christopher, Autumn Light (Courtesy of Galerie Tamenaga, Paris) 72 by 96

Something About New York Show

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2014 Osaka show, There's something About New York City by Tom Chistopher

Tom Christopher, Journey Galerie Tamenaga, Osaka

"What George Gershwin did for an American in Paris,


Tom Christopher does for New York."


Gerard Haggerty, Writer for ARTnews and a teacher at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.



Artist Tom Christopher's murals for the Langone Medical Center, NYC

Circular cove ceiling, 10.2’ diameter
Courtesy NYU Langone Medical Center, New York

Brussels Art Fair 2014

Brussels Art Fair 2014

Brussels Art Fair 2014